torsdag 25 april 2013

Intervju med Kirsten Kapur

Här följer intervjun vi hade med Kirsten Kapur. Om ni vill höra den svenska versionen så finns den i avsnitt 6. Om ni vill läsa fler av våra intervjuer så hittar ni de under etiketten "Intervjuer". Missa inte heller att hon ger 20% rabatt på alla sina mönster! Mer info finns i Avsnitt 6.

-When did you learn how to knit? Who taught you?
-I don't remember actually learning to knit, so I'm not sure if I taught myself or if someone else did. I grew up in a family of very creative people. Making things was a part of daily life. Picking up the needles and knitting just happened naturally.

-When did you start designing/publishing your own patterns?
-Many, many years ago, before I had children I worked as an apparel designer and then textile designer. I left the garment industry after my kids were born, but continued to sew, knit, and paint.  Then about 7 years ago I discovered the wonderful online community of knitters so I started blogging as a way to meet like-minded people and have a way to chronicle my knitting projects. At the time I seldom worked from patterns, and mostly made things up as I knit. Eventually I started writing things down and sharing the patterns. The online community was very supportive so I continued and I've been at it ever since.

-You have a very unique style of mixing colorwork with lace. Where do you find your inspiration?
-Since I live in New York City there is inspiration everywhere - in the people, the buildings, shop windows, museums. My daughters also inspire me. They love art and design so we often talk about and share ideas. Some of my designs have come out of things that my kids have asked me to make for them. Finally, I love color, and texture so the combination of colorwork and lace really appeals to me.

-Tell us about your design process!
-I'm usually thinking about the next design as I knit my current project. As I sit knitting I rethink and refine ideas until they become something that's ready for the needles. Occasionally I'll sketch the idea, but most often I turn to my stitch dictionaries and make swatches to see what works best with the yarn I'm using. Once I cast on the actual piece I do most of my designing on the needles. I'll have a basic plan, but will make adjustments as I work. My computer sits by my side - usually with an Excel spread sheet opened. I take notes, make calculations, and write the pattern as I go.
-Do you work as a full time designer? If not, what do you do when not designing?
-Yes, designing is my full time job these days.

-Do you have any advise for our listeners on how to start designing/ publishing their own patterns?
-Do it because you love it. It's not a great way to get rich, but it is a lot of fun and you'll meet many, many nice people along the way.

-Do you photograph your own garments? The photos are always so lovely!
-Thanks for the compliment on my photos. I do take them myself and use my twin daughters as models. It has gotten much more difficult finding the time to take the photos now that they are in college.

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